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Exceptional Influencer Marketing. Guaranteed Results.

Sway Group has come to specialize in reaching a wide range of consumers with influencer marketing. Our passion and history makes us the ideal partner for clients and influencers alike, because we truly understand the social media marketing landscape and how it has evolved over time. Sway’s services include:

- Influencer content that yields 3x the industry engagement rate
- Guaranteed influencer campaign results
- Full-service, hands-on approach from creative strategy to reporting
- Real-time performance metrics and analysis with first-party social platform API data
- Custom-built dashboard developed powered by CreatorIQ
- Highly-engaged, US-based influencer network; strong micro-influencer focus
- Dynamic influencer profile digital one-sheets for influencer selection
- Social content studio for compelling brand-owned content
- Influencer marketing workshops & training sessions for in-house teams

While we have proprietary tools that provide deep-dive targeting and reporting, we don’t rely on technology to identify influencers or manage campaigns. Our software serves to support our creativity and first-hand knowledge of what makes influencer marketing so effective.

As we have grown over the years, we have seen how inclusivity and representation in all that we do is critical to our success. We offer all brand partners the opportunity to expand their impact by leveraging a targeted mix of diverse influencer voices and life experiences.

At Sway Group, we truly understand the immense power of storytelling, whether through words, images, or video. We know it’s not enough for an influencer to post a product image or a bland endorsement; the real magic comes from feelings of inspiration, interest, and above all, authenticity.

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